Facebook Friends 


After 12 years of somewhat confused matrimony, my husband and I are finally “friends” on Facebook. In a world where virtual life and existence matter more than the real, how did this anomaly of not being friends on Facebook come about, I can’t say. That married couples are more in the league of sworn enemies than friends in real life is beside the point. Appearances must be maintained so politically correct online relationships are a must. Since how long we have been estranged on Facebook, I have no idea. And since neither one of us is much prone to any public display of affection (or acrimony), we have refrained from wishing the other on Facebook while sitting next to each other in real life. No wonder this slight virtual lapse went unnoticed until now.


Imagine my surprise when on a rare occasion of wanting to tag him in a family picture, I failed to find him on my friends list. Now to set matters straight, we are pretty much married on Fb, albeit not to each other. So while my relationship status intriguingly reads “It’s complicated”, my hubby’s is a rather prosaic and to the point “married”. Period! Who or what it is that has complicated my life or that my husband is married to, is left to the reader’s imagination, of which there is no dearth in any case. I remember being asked so very often why my relationship was complicated, if it meant that there was “trouble” in the marriage. This is a question that never ceases to intrigue me. And my answer apparently does not please those asking the ludicrous question- “If there was any trouble, and I don’t confirm or deny the same, Fb is the last place and you the last person, I’d share it with”.  Why would people be presumptuous enough to think that someone’s private life and its affairs would be the subject of status messages or relationship status on Fb is beyond me! But then why do people declare their undying love and affection on Fb rather than in person has been beyond me as well. If only we were as careful about privacy in its true sense than just the Fb and WhatsApp privacy settings!

Coming back to the original mystery of the missing friendship on Fb, well the mystery still remains unsolved. If my life was a Yash Chopra or Karan Johar movie, I’m sure I could say that there is more to it than meets the eye. But sadly, my life is as boring as it gets so no surprises lay in store. After an intriguing few hours, and a host of conspiracy theories involving aliens and AI, we went back to our staid existences. The photograph though still remains untagged. However we are friends on Facebook…till the status do us apart!