LUSH Curly Wurly Shampoo


Ever since I heard the good news that LUSH should be back in India by the end of the year, I decided not to be a cheapskate and started using the LUSH products I had been keeping virtually under lock and key.

The first product to come out of my closet is LUSH Curly Wurly– a coconut rich shampoo meant for curly hair. While I do not have curly hair, I do have wavy, dry hair and reading a few reviews that it had suited those with hair like mine, I decided to pick it up. First things first, I’m not fond of coconut smell, never could use coconut oil for my hair. However, in recent times I seem to have made my peace with it- I have used LUSH Trichomania Shampoo bar and am currently using MABH Hair Oil– both coconut based products.

Coming to Curly Wurly,this is what LUSH says-

Coconut shampoo calms curls and frizz

Curly hair needs lots of moisturizing, especially those dry, frizzy ends. You’re in luck! Curly Wurly shampoo keeps unruly and out-of-control curls soft, shiny and bouncy. How does it do it? It’s packed full of creamed coconut and coconut oil to moisturize dry, frizzy hair, and protein-rich fresh eggs and hand mashed avocado butter to hydrate, add shine and eliminate frizz. Fresh, nutritious ingredients work wurl!


What makes this shampoo quite unique, unlike any I have come across, is that it has pieces of desiccated coconut in it- I mean real pieces. LUSH clearly wants you to believe that they use “real” ingredients. While authenticity is all very well, it does become a bother while using especially in the winters when the shampoo almost solidifies. It is neither a solid shampoo nor a liquid one- something like a thick jelly. During the summers, one can work it through the hair but it is next to impossible to do so in the winters. I have read about people making it into a paste in a grinder and then using. I did not have to go to such lengths but it is definitely more of an effort than ordinary shampoos- both while working it into the hair and while washing it out.The latter is something that an extra rinse easily takes care of.


The scent, like all LUSH products, is heavenly – a mixture of vanilla and coconut. However, as with most LUSH products, it is better to try a sample and then decide if you like the smell or not. Personally, I love it regardless of my earlier dislike of coconut smell.

Performance wise it tames my wavy, dry hair and gives soft, smooth waves. I have always followed up with a conditioner though one could skip it. The biggest problem I have with the so-called “extra rich shampoos for wavy, dry hair” is that they tend to do away with the waves and flatten the hair. Curly Wurly doesn’t do that but moisturises wavy hair adequately. Curly haired gals are bound to love it. Being a mild shampoo, it will not remove oil from the hair if you have used the oil liberally, the way I do.

Ingredients, along with coconut, fresh papaya, eggs etc , contain chemicals, though much less than normal shampoos, but still it is not 100% chemical free. However LUSH is a cruelty free brand and deserves applause for not succumbing to such pressures in an attempt to enter the Chinese market.

It was priced at Rs 1380/- for a 220 gram tub. Let’s see what prices LUSH comes back with now.


Burst of Happyness Henna Shampoo Bar


My relationship with this shampoo bar started out something like that of the love-hate relationship of a lead pair in a Hindi movie, say “Dil”. Boy meets girl; egos clash but below all the fights and misunderstandings there are sparks of another kind. After various ups and downs, the duo find their balance, fall in love to live happily ever after.

Okay so maybe that was a bit dramatic but yes that is how my relationship with this lovely shampoo bar evolved. One of the many things that I miss about LUSH is their gorgeous shampoo bars. Here I was hoping that they would introduce more products (I so wanted to try their henna shampoo bar) and they did a vanishing act instead! More on my tale of woe another time. It was in memory of LUSH that I thought of trying this shampoo bar and ordered it as a part of my Bundle of Happyness.

First things first, I have dry hair and this bar is meant for oily hair. Why did I purchase it? Because-(a) I almost always oil my hair prior to shampooing it and (b) because I wanted a henna shmpoo/bar as I think it helps retain the colour of henna.

Here is how my tango with this bar went-

  1. Used it twice, even thrice, after oiling my hair- nada. Oil would not come out. Had to shampoo again with a different shampoo. Since I always oil my hair before I wash, I kept on using it repeatedly like this for quite some time- trying to dance to an inappropriate song.
  2. Used it without any oil on hair- goody!
  3. Used it after applying my favourite Biotique Musk Root Hair Pack, wow…hair never looked prettier and “thicker”.
  4. Used it post henna- same as above- it.
  5. My favourite way of using it now is to shampoo my hair with some other shampoo the 1st time( currently I am using Biotique Henna Shampoo but I tried with Forest Essentials Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Shampoo as well) and for the 2nd time I use this. I’m following it up with Fabindia Aloevera Conditioner but any other conditioner works as well. And my hair is turning out lovely every time- none of the dryness that comes from using a shampoo twice. And we are in love!!

Okay so here is a non-dramatic round up on the shampoo bar.


Burst of Happyness says this about it-


“Product Description

Conditioning shampoo bar for normal and oily hair with Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils.

Henna is believed to have restorative properties and can be used to bring back health to damaged hair and restore the natural acid-alkaline balance to the scalp. It is also a powerful natural cleanser. It cleanses without disturbing the natural balances.

Rosemary Essential Oil is good for dandruff and flaky scalp

Peppermint Essential Oil creates a tingly feeling on the scalp and is also known to stimulate blood flow to the root of the hair

To Use:

Wet hair – rub bar on scalp in small circles – massage with fingers to create a lather – rinse – follow it up with a apple cider vinegar rinse

What’s in it?

aqua, coconut oil, palmolein, olive oil, castor oil, lye, henna powder, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil


Priced at Rs 210/- for a 100 gram bar, it is deep green, almost olive in colour. The predominant smell is not, strangely of henna, but of peppermint. Use it like any other shampoo bar- wet hair, rub gently all over scalp and along length of hair if you have long hair, massage to work up a lather and rinse. You need to be careful not to tug at hair so as to avoid breakage. It lathers well and has a very nice, creamy feel to it. None of the harshness that comes from using even the natural shampoos meant for oily hair. I follow up with a conditioner since my hair is dry but those with oily hair could perhaps skip it, as the bar does not strip hair of its natural oils. Or they could try the apple cider vinegar rinse as recommended. I’ve been using less conditioner than I normally do. The most interesting part is that my fine, dry hair has been looking and feeling thicker solely because of the shampoo.I do not have dandruff or flaky scalp so cannot say anything about how it will work on those problems.

I think it will work very well for those with naturally oily hair. However, it will take a bit of getting used to- the hair feels very different than it does when shampooed with any other shampoo that I have used so far, different in a good way but different nevertheless. My biggest problem with shampoo bars was that they need to be dried before packing up or else they just become a slushy mess. This too needs to be left out to dry but it dries much faster than LUSH bars and is not melting away or becoming gooey in the heat( the way LUSH Trichomania or Lady Godiva bars do).

Overall I think its a lovely bar- a must try for anyone who loves her hair. I am actually wondering if I should repeat this or try other shampoo bars of Burst of Happyness-  Coconut Milk Hair and Body Bar ( which is meant for dry hair) and Beer and Aloe Shampoo Bar. No harm dancing with others even though you are happy with your current partner, is there??


LUSH Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

DSC08493 C

For a company known for its fragrant products, this is a rather bad smelling shampoo bar. LUSH says it smells like “campfire” which is a bit of a euphemism I think. In fact if I was to compare it with the intoxicating Lady Godiva Shampoo Bar, poor Soak and Float would end up being called stinky. I would not use such strong words but “unpleasant” will suffice and convey the idea.

LUSH calls it “A shampoo bar designed for sore, itchy scalps and dandruff”. Elaborating on it, LUSH says – “This shampoo bar smells like campfires, but it is incredibly effective at fighting flakes and soothing irritated scalps. Cade oil is what gives Soak and Float its distinctive smell; we use it because it works wonders against the microbes that cause dandruff, and it also works to alleviate bothered scalps that are dry and itchy. Lavender oil helps to improve the smell, and works its magic with marigold petals to soothe and clear up irritated scalps. If you have dandruff all you need to do is Soak and Float.”

The round bar has a greyish colour with some dried flower petals stuck to it, quite like Lady Godiva Bar. LUSH says- Rose petals soften the scalp, marigold petals calm redness.” As with all solid shampoo bars, wet your hair and the bar, rub (rather glide) the shampoo bar all over the scalp and if you have long hair, along the length of your hair. Massage well, and rinse. Repeat and condition if required. It lathers well due to the SLS in it and does leave the hair feeling “squeaky” clean- a phrase that, for some strange reason, I’ve been able to use only with LUSH shampoos and bars. No other shampoo leaves my hair feeling “squeaky” clean.

The ingredient list is mostly natural- “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Water (Aqua) , Cade Oil (Juniperus oxycedrus) , Lavender Oil (Lavandula hybrida) , Marigold Petals (Calendula officinalis) , Rose Petals (Rosa centifolia) , *Limonene , *Linalool , Perfume”. SLS as an ingredient does bother me but I guess the jury is still out on how harmful this really is.

Now the most crucial question- does it help in dandruff and itchy scalps? Well..yes and no. I do not have any persistent dandruff or scalp issues, only the occasional ones that happen when I haven’t shampooed for 2-3 days or the seasonal dryness. In my case it works brilliantly- relieves me of the dandruff and itchiness. But then, as I said above, I don’t have a chronic problem. For those who do have a persistent problem I’m not sure how well it will work. My guess is that it will work when used consistently over a period of time. Unlike the medicated shampoos, I doubt an immediate result will be visible. But again it’s better to use a product with softer ingredients than the chemical based shampoos.


  1. Works well with occasional dandruff and scalp issues and, in the long run, I guess with chronic problem too. I used it often in conjunction with LUSH Snake Oil Bar ( reviewed here).
  2. Mild shampoo for dandruff control unlike the medicated ones.
  3. Natural ingredients- well, most of them at least.
  4. Cruelty free ( ALWAYS a plus in my opinion)
  5. Preservative free and Naked.
  6. Solid bars are easier to travel with due to the obvious no spillage problem.


  1. For those of you LUSHIES addicted to the divine fragrances of LUSH, this will be a letdown though the smell does not linger on in the hair. (does linger in the bathroom though). If you can endure the smell for a while, it’s a good product.
  2. Presence of SLS may be an issue with some.
  3. As I have said earlier in my review of LUSH Trichomania (reviewed here) and LUSH Jungle Solid Conditioner ( reviewed here), solid shampoos pose a problem of storage. One has to let them dry before stacking away or else they just tend to melt away. This one however doesn’t pose the risk of melting while travelling even in summers unlike many others.
  4. Expensive- as are all LUSH products. I think I picked it up for around Rs 600 or near about…I’m forgetting the exact price. However, it does last long.
  5. Long hair ladies may complain of their hair being tugged while applying the shampoo and hence of breakage. Patience here helps as does thoroughly wetting the hair and bar!
  6. The dry rose and marigold petals may be an irritant for some.


However, it’s great product well worth a shot by anyone with scalp and dandruff issues.