The title, “Mad Woman in the Attic” will be familiar to those from a literature background (as I am). It is the title of a famous critical work by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar, who drew their title from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre in which Rochester’s wife Bertha Mason is kept locked in the attic by her husband. While their work is an examination of Victorian literature from a feminist perspective, I lay no claims to anything remotely so lofty. My attic is simply my own living space mental as well as physical and the blog is merely a reflection of what I see of the world from my attic. As for the “mad” part, well as Beckett said in his seminal work, “Waiting for Godot” –“We are all born mad. Some remain so”. Guess I belong to the latter lucky few.

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  1. hey tammna.. stumbled upon ur blog to find some reviews… nice ons.. but y ve u stopped.. seeing the last entry was way back in 2014… wake up gurrl..


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