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For any queries, suggestions, comments or feedback – PR related or otherwise- mail me at

I don’t do paid reviews but if there is any product you would like me to review, send it across and I’ll give my honest feedback, which you may or may not like. Please don’t expect me to buy your product and review it only because you want it reviewed. I buy and review products that I want to review. If there is anything you want reviewed, send a sample!

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  1. Hi
    Tamanna thanks for the reply, the indigo shall I add the salt , and, is it wet or dry hair , how I can I apply?
    I have searched for UAE site lush but it is only available in stores how can I order is there any other way, the lush product how many times it comes. I am asking so many questions
    please understand me. that I am worrying about grey hair

    • Indigo is a powder like henna. Apply henna 1st day n shampoo it off. Mix indigo in water the next day and apply immediately n shampoo. It will come with instructions. LUSH UAE does deliver to India.’ll get it as you add stuff to the cart.

    • Hi. It’s generally not recommended that you use even henna on chemically treated hair. …reduces the effect of the treatment. If you are ok with that then u can use it I guess

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