Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer


If there is one thing that I hated about Australia, it was the weather. One day it’s a scorching 42°C and the next day you are shivering at a maximum of 19°C. Moreover the weather played havoc with my normally easy to manage hair. Yeah my hair is dry and prone to frizz but ordinarily it’s quite manageable. However it went totally ballistic in Melbourne. Whether it was the heat or the humidity that played havoc I can’t say but I needed a good hair serum and heat protectant as I was flat ironing my hair almost daily.

It was in such desperate times that I picked up Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer from Mecca Cosmetics. I think there was some offer going on that time and I picked it up along with the shampoo and conditioner of the same range. In any case I don’t remember the price as it was almost 6 months ago. The Mecca website puts it at AUD 44 so let’s just go with that.

It is called “A mist of many wonders” and I couldn’t agree more. These are the details on the Bumble and Bumble website about it –

  • “What: Infused with 6 feather light oils it helps soften, detangle, de-frizz, tame flyaways, ease styling and protect against breakage, heat-styling and UV damage.
  • Who: Dry, coarse or brittle hair.
  • When: On damp or dry hair before styling.
  • How: Spray on damp or dry hair, comb through and style”

                  It’s a versatile product that comes with a spray nozzle and the product is directly sprayed on hair damp or dry. You can section the hair and spray it or  if you are lazy like me,spray it all over and run a comb through the hair. However, a little goes a long way so please use it sparingly. I used it both on damp and dry hair and loved the results in both cases. It makes hair silky smooth and running a comb through it is a breeze. It is very light weight, hydrates hair well, tames flyaways, eliminates frizz and gives a nice shine. Add to that is the UV and heat protection factor. I have used it both pre styling and without any styling at all just in lieu of a hair serum with better result than a hair serum gives .It seems to give a slightly better result with the shampoo and conditioner of same family but works great with any other shampoo- conditioner as well.

Over all it’s a great product and highly recommended.


  1. Versatile – can be used on damp or dry hair. So if you want to style your hair a day or two after you shampooed it, it can be used pre styling on dry hair.
  2. Controls frizz and flyaways without weighing hair down – is very lightweight.
  3. Hydrates well.
  4. Heat and UV protection.
  5. Nice fragrance that lingers on. But some may not like it


  1. Expensive – At AUD 44 (i.e. INR 2200 approx.) it is quite expensive, quite in the league of Kerastase Elixir Ultime. However I found it better than the latter and if you are going to touch this league of hair care products, it’s worth the price and in fact better than may in this range. Besides a little goes a long way.
  2. Availability in India is a problem. Not sure if Sephora India keeps Bumble and Bumble products or if it is available on-line.


MABH Hair Growth Challenge- 1st month

Time is a curious thing. While it may seem to pass very slowly at any given moment, in retrospect it always seems to have passed in a flash. So before we know it, the 1st month of the MABH Hair Growth Challenge is over and here I am doing the 1st month post.

So what changes did I bring in my hair care routine during this first month of the challenge?


First of all, regular oiling with MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil. If there is one thing that I swear by for hair care it has to regular oiling. Although I could not be as regular as I had hoped to be, what with all the festivals and my bad back, but still I’d give myself a 8 out of 10. I’m too lazy for DIY hair masks but oiling is something I swear by and highly recommend to anyone who wants healthy hair. Did I notice any difference in hair length after this one month? Not really. And honestly I didn’t even check. I’ll do that after 3months. But yes, as I mentioned in my first review of MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil, hair definitely is softer, healthier and shinier. However given the dry weather I like to apply a hair serum afterwards, my current favourite being Wella Oil Reflections.


Secondly, I re started “Nutrilite Hair, Skin and Nails tablet” that I had taken some time back and found pretty good – for the hair; skin not so much. At Rs 610/- for 60 tablets it is expensive. Some online sites do have it cheaper (I got it at Rs 515/- from Snapdeal) but it’s really worth it.


Third, my lovely LUSH Henna. Some friends from UK were kind enough to carry 3blocks for me and I just love using it. I love the smell of it and how the hair comes out after it- lush, shining, healthy- better than any salon hair spa treatment. With winters approaching the frequency of application will go down especially in the months of December-January but whenever I can, I will apply it.

Finally, I cannot over emphasise the importance of a good protein rich diet. I have been following a dear Ayurvedic nutritionist friend of mine ( she hates the word dietician)  and lost an amazing 9 kgs in the past 3months and that too despite a bad back which often made any physical movement let alone workout impossible. However, all thanks to her meal plans not only have I come down to 57kgs from 66 kgs (yes I had gained quite a bit during my son’s illness) but have never felt healthier. I intend doing a detailed post on this later but suffice it to say that thanks to her protein rich, no fads diet, I’ve lost inches and kgs without any of the awful effects on hair or skin. Not only am I at my lightest ever since I can remember but my hair are grateful to her as well. So ladies, pay attention to what you eat.

DSC09140 So much for what I have done so far. As for the coming month, the plan is to continue with the above, with more regular oiling. Also I picked up some stuff during the Body Shop Diwali sales that I intend using – Rainforest Hair Butter and Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. I have used the latter twice and quite liked it but need to use it more before I can form an opinion about it. Another product that I picked up long back but somehow just can’t take to is Kama’s Herbal Hair Wash Powder Kesini. I picked it up after reading about the homemade shikakai powder that Lancy says she uses for washing her hair but think this is too natural for me! More on that later as well.

That’s about it for my 1st month post. Will be back soon with the 2nd month post for time will fly as always!



MABH Hair Growth Challenge


Hmmm…when I read about the “challenge” I was intrigued. I mean we all  want long, healthy Rapunzel like hair? And if there is a way to get those lovely tresses, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? But how does one do that? I mean some are just naturally blessed with long luscious hair while others like me have done everything short of pulling their hair to make them grow. However, MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil has helped tremendously with my hair growth. For those of you, who are interested in my first impressions of the hair oil, please refer to my review here.

Coming to the challenge, Lancy announced it last month and you can read all about it here . The whole idea behind the challenge is to follow a dedicated hair care regime, with the MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil at the centre of it, so as to give your hair the best that you can and help them grow faster. Since a number of bloggers are taking part in it, it becomes an online community where you help and motivate each other with advice and disciplined regimes.



I received a bottle of the oil from Lancy as a part of the challenge. Unlike my 1st bottle, not only is the new bottle sturdier, even the packing is much better- a nicely taped wooden box that leaves no scope for breakage or spillage.




As I have mentioned above, I’ve been using this oil since February- March and benefitted a lot in terms of hair growth. However, my son met with an accident in May, which not only threw all hair care regimes off track but also caused tremendous stress. Coupled with the insanely hot Indian summers I battled with all kinds of woes – from hair fall to dryness to lot of breakouts on my face. Now that he’s finally and visibly recovering I have to get my hair care regime, among other things, back on track.

Coming to my hair type- it’s wavy, dry, fine (with some greys) and thankfully plenty of body and bounce. Ever since I moved to using natural things- oil, hair packs, colour etc, my hair have been less prone to any kind of hair trouble- breakage, dandruff and dryness. Growth however has not been very good or healthy until I started using MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil. While my hair would grow, but they would start looking very thin and unhealthy. And honestly, long but unhealthy hair look awful- like a “gadhe ki poonch”( donkey’s tail). So while I would love to have long hair, but would place equal emphasis on healthy hair.


If there is one good thing anyone can do for his or her hair, it has to be regular oiling. After years of all kinds of hair spas and treatments, regular oil massage is something that I swear by. Anything else that one may do for the hair- hair pack, henna etc- is a bonus. I had an unwritten rule of oiling my hair before every wash and was able to stick to this rule almost 95% of the times until the past few months. This is what I’m gradually getting back to. Henna – Indigo to cover greys  ( Read here and here about it) or LUSH henna ( read here)  for conditioning is another thing that I use regularly and hope to continue with at least till November end before the harsh North Indian winter sets in. While I do try to use as many natural products as possible, I love to indulge myself with luxurious shampoos. Forest Essentials (obnoxiously expensive) and LUSH are my favourites though LUSH shampoos have SLS.

So that’s it for now folks. I’ll be doing another post on the “challenge” after a month and shall update you about what all I incorporated in my hair care regime and how my hair is behaving. Till then enjoy the festivals but be kind to your tummies!!