Okay, so finally I have a name- Tamanna Kanwar. No my parents were not cruel enough to leave me nameless and gave me a rather nice name, but for some reason, I didn’t put it anywhere on my blog ( madwomanintheatticblog.wordpress.com) when I started it about 8 months ago. For one thing, I really didn’t think that it mattered. But I had quite a few people asking me my name and not only did I feel silly telling them but I also realised that putting a name to a face, or a blog in this case, is important. What the name was, is irrelevant, but a name should be there unless someone was to assume that “Mad Woman” is in fact my name!

Well the new domain name does make this much clear at least that my name is Tamanna Kanwar. Yeah I’m the author, owner etc etc of this blog helped, at gun point if I may say so, by my hubby, with the technical stuff; by my 8 year old son with the crazy inputs and my two nutty dogs with…well..just their barking! I am an absconding, pseudo Indian Revenue Service officer, a pseudo yogi and as pseudo a feminist! What however is real is all of the above and my love for the written word- mine or someone else’s.

While some may call me a beauty blogger, specially since Hindustan Times featured me as such in their Ludhiana edition of Brunch, I’m afraid I’m nowhere near the talented ladies who are the  beauty bloggers. Yes I do talk about products that I have used  but more so to share  my personal experience than a “review” per se. Strangely, the maximum hits I get are for my beauty related posts! Vanitas vanitatum!! I write about almost anything and everything that catches my fancy- from Grey’s Anatomy to Barun Sobti; from my dogs to books worth reading; from god to Chetan Bhagat and a piece I did for Femina’s “Made By You” issue!!

This should be enough by way of introduction. Welcome to my world- read on to find more about the world within the attic and without!

You can get in touch with me at – madwoman.attic@gmail.com

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    • Thanks ! Am glad you enjoyed reading. Attic is just my word for my private little world and the view of the world from it..the world as I see it from my little corner and since attic is customarily the highest point of the house,its something like a bird’s eye view of the world…

      • Always Welcome…Thanks for my question answering…good job..keep going.
        Are you interested na i’m inviting to to write articles through our blog.
        Thanks Cyril

      • Always Welcome…Thanks for my question answering…good job..keep going.
        Are you interested na i’m inviting to to write articles through our blog.
        Thanks Cyril

  1. I just discovered your blog (while searching the Barun Sobti tag on wordpress) and your blog is lovely! 🙂 I always love discovering people who love him cause trust me, I know the feeling of heaven you get seeing his face. Bleh, I had decided not to ramble about him but oh well cant help the heart =P The lush henna is fantastic btw! I am a lush junkie but had never used their hair products, and it was great! Looking forward to more of your posts (and do mention how deep youve fallen in the depths of Sobti-land cause ive been there for the past 2 years haha)

    • Hey…Thanks. Glad you liked my blog. Yes…Barun Sobti..sigh…what do I say? My BSNL internet connection is playing coy so there is a break in Sobti mania currently 🙁
      And LUSH..another love of my life. I just love their hair products- the gorgeous smell!! If you like henna, you must try theirs- the best thing I’ve seen for conditioning the hair and my hair has never been better.
      Thanks again and hope to see more of you!

  2. Hey Tammana

    I stumbled upon your blog while googling reviews for LUSH caca (I also commented on your TVAM indigo blog). And here I was thinking what a special and unique individual I am and you go and tell me the most hits you get are for your beauty related blogs! Hhmmphph. Guess I’m just like everybody else. Just wanted to say how lovely it’s been browsing through your blog. What an entertaining read when all I was expecting was another “beauty blogger”! Might I also dare add that I find you something of a kindred spirit and and an Indian no less! I’m Indian too – 4th generation in South Africa. Really interesting reading your perspective as seen from your attic. Unfortunately, I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting too many Indian females from the “motherland” – most Indians I meet in SA are men. Such a breath of fresh to get your quirky, feminist, slightly irreverent view of the world! Thank you.

    • Thank you ever so much!! I have no words to respond to your generous words….truly grateful and so glad that you enjoyed going through my blog! Thank you! Might I also add that I love your sense of humour and I’m sure you are more unique and special than even you imagine. Guess the reason I get most hits for beauty related posts is because that is what we all google. I mean I can’t imagine anyone making much effort to find blogs on say Karva Chauth or any of my other random posts. But I am glad that we connected, even if it was through Cacas and indigos!

  3. Can I say I just stumbled on your blog by chance and I’m in love! Its so awesome to connect with bloggers from homeland and Chd is like my third home :p You write amazingly well.. Such an inspiration! I’m a new kid on the block. Definitely stalking you from now on!

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