My ‘Uncool’ Goa Visit

Yeah okay so I did not do any of the “cool” things one apparently does in Goa. To begin with,no I don’t have the mandatory Goa holiday picture – a picture of me standing in ankle deep water on the beach with wind swept hair and the vast sea in the background. Neither did I wear a swimsuit or a bikini . I did not “go sightseeing”- duly ignored all the churches, stayed away from Baga and Calangute beaches especially the (in)famous Tito’s and Brito’s . And as I mentioned in an earlier post, I did not hear anything about any rave parties or ( thankfully) witness any free for all sex. So I guess by conventional standards I had a very boring holiday- doing yoga, reading, sitting on the beach sipping a Breezer or mostly Ice Tea, trying out different cuisines and well, just being.

Why didn’t I do any of these “cool” things? Well why I didn’t wear a swimsuit is simple…I don’t swim! Let alone swim, I’m petrified of water, grateful daily that I did not drown while taking a shower. The only time I ventured near the water, even while on the beach, was when I was quite sure that I can be saved in case of any eventuality ( like a wave singling me out and carrying me away!). Since I was very clear that I was not going anywhere near the water, why wear a swimsuit? Just because I was in Goa? Nah…didn’t make sense even to my lopsided brain. That I saw plenty of Indian women doing just that is a different matter. And that they spent most of their time in trying to cover themselves up just adds to the weirdness of the whole scene.

Baga and Calangute, the favourite haunts of most local tourists resembled an over crowded Chandni Chawk on the sea side so we preferred to steer clear of those. If all I wanted was to be pushed and jostled and harassed, why would I go on a holiday for that? I could go to just about any market and experience it. As for the churches and other such places of interest, with due apologies, I had no interest in any of them. May be if we had more time, we would have ventured. But for this time, just being by ourselves was enough. Zipping around on a two wheeler, taking unknown roads, landing up at famous restaurants like Thalassa or discovering hidden gems like Fat Fish, trying out different cuisines, lazing on the beach or just reading on the hammock in our lovely guest house, Bouganvillea Guest House at Candolim. Yeah sonny boy did want to “do” a few things which he did. Other than that it was a very non holiday kind of a holiday…just the way a holiday, to my mind, should be. The only stressful experiences were at the airports. The chaos and mismanagement will never cease to amaze me. Other than that it was a holiday in every sense of the word.

My only regret? That it ended too soon? Well yes but also that in daily life I can’t carry that relaxed and liberated mood and spirit as much as I would like to. Yes I try, and to some extent succeed. But there is quite a distance still to be covered. Goa, as most things in life, is a state of mind. My struggle in life I think consists of making this fleeting state a permanent one. And until I do, here’s to all such fleeting moments for if life doesn’t consist me of these.

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