How to Survive “Happy New Year”


The thing about a Farah Khan movie is that it unapologetically and unabashedly carries high the flag of the cinema of nonsense. The sole raison d’être for her movies, and those of her brother Sajid Khan is to entertain – and that too the masses, not the discerning viewer who values his sensibilities more than a trip to la-la land. It’s perhaps no wonder then that her movies do well, playing to the galleries as they do.

179 minutes of a Farah Khan movie is well beyond my tolerance level especially when despite huge openings, it has been thrashed to bits unanimously by all reviews. But when your 9year old implores you to take him to this nonsense fest, you succumb. So it was that I landed in the theatre, armed with all resources at my disposal to survive the 3 hour ordeal – two smart phones (just in case one battery drained and left me high and dry as smart phones often do), a strip of disprins and an unlimited supply of coffees and popcorn. That the show started half an hour late, didn’t exactly help matters. Yet, surprisingly, I survived and here’s I’ll tell you how.

The trick is to go with abysmally low expectations and arm yourself with all the resources at your disposal- smart phones, food, and medicine. If you are the sadistic kind who finds being miserable alone beyond tolerance, carry your friends. Misery, you see, loves miserable company. If not friends, at least drag your spouse along- this has to be “THE” acid test of his/her devotion to you- if your marriage can survive this, believe me you’ll survive a lot. And finally, contrary to what you may have thought all along, the focus of your attention cannot be the movie. If you err here, you are doomed my friend. Focus on your child cackling away happily at all the inanities; on the crowd whistling at SRK’s abs ( how the hell does SRK do that at his age?); on the AC that is too cold or too hot- in short, on anything other than what is happening in front of you on the screen.

So it was that I survived “Happy New Year”. When asked how the movie was, I happily chirped “not too bad”. Only when more probing questions came- either from the spouse whom I had spared the ordeal (can’t put my marriage through such “agni pareekshas”) or the excited child- “Wasn’t that guy/scene just so funny mom?” I realised that I really had no clue as to what had transpired in those fateful 179 minutes. I remember that here was a plethora of everything – revenge, heist, love, melodrama, slapstick comedy,  music ( or noise perhaps), dance, patriotism, digs at everyone and  everything etc etc- everything except one essential element- a coherent, gripping narrative. The actors do manage to somehow pull it off though but not without making you wonder if this is what Wordsworth had in mind when he talked of “willing suspension of disbelief”. Except that here it requires more than a suspension of disbelief- it asks for a suspension of all rational, logical faculties of the mind. And no, there is absolutely no method to this madness or any way to get around it and you better not look for one. Then and only then, my dear, can you come out dancing the way I did- to the tune of “I’m feeling alright, ‘cos it’s a nonsense ki night”.

MABH Hair Growth Challenge


Hmmm…when I read about the “challenge” I was intrigued. I mean we all  want long, healthy Rapunzel like hair? And if there is a way to get those lovely tresses, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? But how does one do that? I mean some are just naturally blessed with long luscious hair while others like me have done everything short of pulling their hair to make them grow. However, MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil has helped tremendously with my hair growth. For those of you, who are interested in my first impressions of the hair oil, please refer to my review here.

Coming to the challenge, Lancy announced it last month and you can read all about it here . The whole idea behind the challenge is to follow a dedicated hair care regime, with the MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil at the centre of it, so as to give your hair the best that you can and help them grow faster. Since a number of bloggers are taking part in it, it becomes an online community where you help and motivate each other with advice and disciplined regimes.



I received a bottle of the oil from Lancy as a part of the challenge. Unlike my 1st bottle, not only is the new bottle sturdier, even the packing is much better- a nicely taped wooden box that leaves no scope for breakage or spillage.




As I have mentioned above, I’ve been using this oil since February- March and benefitted a lot in terms of hair growth. However, my son met with an accident in May, which not only threw all hair care regimes off track but also caused tremendous stress. Coupled with the insanely hot Indian summers I battled with all kinds of woes – from hair fall to dryness to lot of breakouts on my face. Now that he’s finally and visibly recovering I have to get my hair care regime, among other things, back on track.

Coming to my hair type- it’s wavy, dry, fine (with some greys) and thankfully plenty of body and bounce. Ever since I moved to using natural things- oil, hair packs, colour etc, my hair have been less prone to any kind of hair trouble- breakage, dandruff and dryness. Growth however has not been very good or healthy until I started using MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil. While my hair would grow, but they would start looking very thin and unhealthy. And honestly, long but unhealthy hair look awful- like a “gadhe ki poonch”( donkey’s tail). So while I would love to have long hair, but would place equal emphasis on healthy hair.


If there is one good thing anyone can do for his or her hair, it has to be regular oiling. After years of all kinds of hair spas and treatments, regular oil massage is something that I swear by. Anything else that one may do for the hair- hair pack, henna etc- is a bonus. I had an unwritten rule of oiling my hair before every wash and was able to stick to this rule almost 95% of the times until the past few months. This is what I’m gradually getting back to. Henna – Indigo to cover greys  ( Read here and here about it) or LUSH henna ( read here)  for conditioning is another thing that I use regularly and hope to continue with at least till November end before the harsh North Indian winter sets in. While I do try to use as many natural products as possible, I love to indulge myself with luxurious shampoos. Forest Essentials (obnoxiously expensive) and LUSH are my favourites though LUSH shampoos have SLS.

So that’s it for now folks. I’ll be doing another post on the “challenge” after a month and shall update you about what all I incorporated in my hair care regime and how my hair is behaving. Till then enjoy the festivals but be kind to your tummies!!