Fanny Re!

There is something about “Finding Fanny” that reminded me of “Waiting for Godot”. Highly improbable comparisons one would think. Perhaps it’s the doing word in the 2 titles- “finding” and “waiting”- that is the resemblance. However as I saw the … Continue Reading →

Right Here Right Now- Nikita Singh

“Can you find yourself when you don’t remember who you were?” “Can she have a peaceful present and future, without a past? Can she just live in the here and now?” These lines on the back of the book “Right … Continue Reading →

Indigo Hair Colour by Indigo Prabhu

  I received a sample of indigo hair dye a while ago from a gentleman by the name of Prabhu V Lakkshmana ( Honestly, I had not heard of them and was slightly sceptical about using it. But having used … Continue Reading →

A Bad Character – Deepti Kapoor

Vogue India, apparently called this book “the literary fiction debut of the year”. Now if TLS was to say something like this, one can pick up the book without a second thought. Alternatively, if Vogue was to tell you about … Continue Reading →

Camelia’s Natural Hair Pack

When you’ve fallen off the grid for a few months, what better way to get started than a “Hair Story”. Come to think of it, I love putting stuff on my hair- more of the natural, herbal stuff (read henna, … Continue Reading →

Wella Oil Reflections Smoothening Treatment

After a long time, I made an impulse purchase and that also a non-natural one- Wella Oil Reflections Smoothening Treatment. (By the way, is there even a word “non-natural”? )As I walked past a Wella Salon (Strands- a chain of … Continue Reading →

Yoga or bhoga?

Not too long ago I had a silent falling out with my then yoga teacher, and as all such things go, this too was rather unfortunate. What made it all the more unfortunate was that it was not just any … Continue Reading →

Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

I recently read this proverb on the Fb page of Elizabeth Gilbert and although I have heard this saying before and often pondered over it, coming from her, it made me sit back and think about it all over again. … Continue Reading →


Used to LUSH’s quirky ways and products, this soap-shampoo-bubble bath-play dough all rolled-into-one-product had my interest piqued for a long time. Before LUSH vanished from India, my friend got me these on her trip up North from Bangalore. Of course … Continue Reading →

Complexion Complex

“Complexion Complex”- I think this is the only sensible phrase I have read in the by and large asinine works of Chetan Bhagat, in this case the work being “2 States”. As the hapless Krish tries to placate and at … Continue Reading →

Bouquet of Roses Soap- Camelia’s Natural and Handmade Bath and Body Treats

So this is a soap that generated more heat than the scorching Indian summers and truth be told, I was half expecting mine or my son’s skin to flake off when we started using it. Fortunately or unfortunately, nothing as … Continue Reading →

What A Girl Wants

What a girl wants? Well, that is pretty simple – flawless skin, perfect body, long, healthy hair, great friends, loving boyfriend/hubby…and so the list goes on. Not too demanding are we now? While all this may be too much to … Continue Reading →

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